Test Your Yellow Submarine Trivia Knowledge
by Dr. Bob Hieronimus
for Goldmine September Beatles issue 2002


Dr. Bob is amazed as this young fan supplies one correct answer after another in our "Test Your Yellow Submarine Trivia Knowledge" notebook that Dr. Bob is holding at the Chicago Beatlefest, August 2002.

One of the most popular features of our tables at both the Chicago Beatlefest and at Goldmine's National Record Collector Show at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland was our little booklet of Yellow Submarine trivia. Goldmine has graciously allowed us some space in this year's Beatles special issue to reprint these Beatles Yellow Submarine stumpers with a free prize offered at the end for those who know all the answers. I added a few more difficult ones since some of the under 12 visitors to our tables knew the answers to all the trivia questions in our booklet (though many adults only knew the really easy ones!).

Dr. Bob Hieronimus energetically starting off the first morning of Chicago Beatlefest, August 2002.

If you know your Yellow Submarine trivia, you could be eligible to win a free copy of my book, Inside The Yellow Submarine: The Making of the Beatles Animated Classic, Krause Publications. Print out this article with your answers written in and send it with your name, address, phone and Email to Goldmine Yellow Submarine Contest, 700 East State Street, Iola, WI 54990. The winner will be drawn randomly from all the correct entries received (or if no one gets all the answers correct, then the entry with the most correct answers will win). The answers to these questions will be printed in the November 29, 2002 issue of Goldmine or can be obtained by writing to Bob@21stCenturyRadio.com or P.O. Box 648 Owings Mills, MD 21117 after that date. Good luck!

Author Belmo, whose shirt shows his latest book: George Harrison His Words, Wit & Wisdom, and Dr. Bob Hieronimus with his latest book: Inside the Yellow Submarine together at the Chicago Beatlefest, August 2002. Email Belmo HERE for ordering info.


Contest Questions:

How far beneath the sea does Pepperland lay or lie?

At the launch of the Blue Meanie attack, the Chief Blue Meanie says, "haven't laughed so much since_________." (Fill in the blank.)

Who is the leader of Pepperland?

What color are the three submarines at the end of the opening credits?

What is the name of the Captain or "Lord Admiral" of the Yellow Submarine?

What is the ultimate secret weapon of the Blue Meanies?

What day of the week does Ringo say it is when he first spots the Yellow Submarine flying by in Liverpool?

What do the letters H-E-L-P stand for, according to Old Fred?

How does John Lennon make his first appearance in Yellow Submarine?

How does George Harrison make his first appearance in Yellow Submarine?

How does Paul McCartney make his first appearance in Yellow Submarine?

What color is Ringo's car before George Harrison gets into it, and what color is it after George points out that it's all in the mind?

In the Sea of Time what danger do the Beatles and Fred face before John stops the clock hands from spinning backwards?

How does the Yellow Submarine escape the Kinky Boot Beasts in the Sea of Monsters?

He's a real Nowhere Man. What is his full name?

Why does Jeremy Boob always speak in rhyme?

Which Beatle rescued the Boob from the Blue Meanies?

Name the four new songs The Beatles released for the first time on Yellow Submarine.

What happens when George tries to fix the broken motor on the Yellow Sub?

What is the chemical error (and quite imprecise) that Paul makes when describing what he thinks is DUST on the ground of the Sea of Phrenology, just before they are all propelled into the Sea of Holes by a giant sneeze?

What souvenir does Ringo take with him from the Sea of Holes?

How do you get to Pepperland?

What do Blue Meanies hate most?

Which band do The Beatles impersonate when they arrive in Pepperland?

What type of instrument falls down the hill from the instrument compound almost blowing the cover of the Beatles with the noise it makes?

What is the first song the Beatles sing to wake up the Pepperlanders?

Jeremy casts a spell on the Chief Blue Meanie that goes like this: "Peace, peace, supplant the doom and the gloom. Turn off what is sour, turn into a flower and __________! (Fill in the blank.)

Ringo looks on admiringly and says, "The first time I saw that nowhere man, that Nobody, I knew he was a __________. (Fill in the blank.)

At the end of the movie, who does the Chief Blue Meanie admit is his cousin?

What does Jeremy say is the very best word for the whole world to use?

What is the only way to go out of the theater?

What is the connection between "Yellow Submarine" and "Love Story" starring Ryan O'Neil and Ali McGraw?

True or False: The character voices in Yellow Submarine are those of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.

True or False: The message of The Yellow Submarine is to encourage viewers to take hallucinogenic drugs.

True or False: Peter Max is the designer of Yellow Submarine art.

Which "long-lost" Beatles song reappeared in the 1999 reissue of Yellow Submarine?


Dr. Bob and another young Beatles animation fan at the Chicago Beatlefest.



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