Live on 21st Century Radio, October 27, 2002 from 7-9 PM!

Is the Giza Pyramid a technological remnant of a highly advanced pre-historic civilization? Mechanical engineer Christopher Dunn reverse-engineered the Great Pyramid at Giza to discover its use, and his startling conclusions destroy the traditional Egyptologist notion that it was built with copper tools by a society that lacked the wheel. Christopher Dunn sees the pyramid as the power source that fueled a great civilization using the technology of harmonic resonance. Was the Great Pyramid of Giza actually a large acoustical device? Could a crystal edifice of its size and dimensions create a harmonic resonance to convert the Earth's vibrational energies to microwave radiation? The author shows how the pyramid's numerous chambers and passageways were positioned with deliberate precision to maximize its acoustical qualities. This may be the same technology discovered by Nikola Tesla and the solution to our own clean energy needs.

Christopher Dunn is a master craftsman and engineer with thirty-five years of experience. In the last twenty years, he has published a dozen magazine articles on this theories about ancient technology. He will be our guest on October 27th, 2002 at 7 PM Eastern on 21st Century Radio, right here on Talk Radio 680 WCBM!

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