Classic Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV

Just thought I'd pass along these items of potential interest:

Two Classic TV shows:

Doctor Who: BBC program about a space & time traveller with a knack for getting in & out of trouble while exploring the universe's mysteries. A good introduction to the series has just been released on DVD. It's called "The Key To Time" & is comprised of an entire season of the show, with the Doctor trying to recover six segments (one segment per story) of a device which balances the forces of good & evil in the universe. These stories feature the most well-known Doctor (Doctor #4, Tom Baker) & feature excellent writing with a sense of humor. Click here!

Dark Shadows: Originally an ABC soap opera, this program far transcends the genre. The writers took classic stories from the likes of Charles Dickens, Alexandre Dumas, Oscar Wilde, etc. & adapted the ideas to the saga of the Collins family of vampires, werewolves and ghosts. The show used the supernatural setting to explore many themes & problems common to ALL people, including unrequited love, religious hypocrisy, scientific dogma, etc. Time travel, backwards, forwards & even sideways (Parallel Time/Parallel Universe) were a big part of this program. Like Doctor Who, there's a lot of humanity in it, too. Click here!

Well, just thought I'd relate these as a big fan of 21st Century Radio!
These are worth looking into.


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