Global Mindshift: The Impact of the Presence of Non-Human Intelligences On Our Planetary Community
By Michael Mannion

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Human beings are now exploring space ever more deeply with robotic probes. It can be expected that manned visits to Mars will be launched in the relatively near future. A new generation has grown up since the space program began. Many in this age group fully expect contact with living beings from beyond Earth in their lifetimes. The global, even cosmic, outlook of this and coming generations will bring a much-needed change in perspective regarding the UFO-ET phenomenon, as well as a new understanding of its radical impact on humanity.

But, at present, the older generation remains entrenched in power and its inhibiting influence on human progress is widespread. Accurate information about the presence of non-human intelligences in our environment is still suppressed effectively. Even outspoken comments by leading officials do little to threaten the stranglehold on truthful information on this subject.

For example, Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Hill-Norton, a British military leader held in the highest regard, has been quoted on the record as saying "I am convinced that there is an official cover-up of the investigations which governments have made into UFOs, certainly in the United States, probably in our own country, though not in France, and for all I know in Russia and other countries as far apart as Argentina, Spain, Australia and China to name just a few."

Lord Hill-Norton has been a major figure in the highest echelons of the British military establishment since World War II. He knows what he is talking about. But his remark has had no significant impact on public opinion concerning the UFO-ET phenomenon. The recent "Disclosure Project" of Dr. Stephen Greer has brought the first-hand testimony of scores of civilian, military and intelligence experts about their UFO-ET encounters to the mass media. Yet the major media outlets have not reported anything about the "Disclosure Project" whatsoever. The public remains in the dark.

For decades, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children on every continent have reported seeing strange and remarkable craft in the skies. Some observers are illiterate peasants; others are highly educated, technologically sophisticated individuals. Significantly, there is a striking similarity to all of their descriptions of the UFOs and even of their occupants. And the descriptions from people all over earth have been consistent over the past 50 years. But these widespread reports do not affect the present general mindset about the phenomenon.

Although the U.S. Government still denies the reality of UFOs and intelligent extraterrestrial life publicly, other world governments have a variety of positions on the subject:

Brazil: UFOs are a matter of national security. The media are forbidden to divulge UFO reports without the prior censorship of the Brazilian Air Force.

China: UFOs are a real, unsolved important mystery. Members of the Chinese air force participate openly and in a cooperative manner with Chinese UFO organizations.

Indonesia: The government studies UFOs seriously for reasons of sociology, technology and security. Officials admit they were obliged to open fire on them at least once.

Japan: UFOs are considered to be a genuine concern. Japanese officials cooperate very closely with the U.S. Government.

New Zealand: The Ministry of Defense takes an active interest in all UFO reports.

Zimbabwe: The government believes implicitly that the unexplained UFOs are from some civilization beyond our planet.

In 1992, TIME magazine opined, "The heady days of flying saucers and close encounters with unearthly beings appear to be numbered...Hard data are hard to come by...a common downward trend, even a collapse, in the sightings market is evident." The newsweekly's prediction could hardly have been more off the mark. In 2002, the UFO phenomenon is attracting more public interest than ever. One database of sightings alone has reported nearly 800 UFO sightings in the U.S. in the first four months of 2002.

Significantly, advances in our own space science are contributing to the growing interest in life beyond earth, including the existence of intelligent life. In 1999, the worldwide SETI Program established its SETI@home initiative, run by the University of California at Berkeley, inviting everyone in the world with a PC to log-on and help them in their Search for Extraterrestrial Life. Millions of people around the world have joined in on the search. In April 1999, human beings located the first solar system other than our own. In June 2002, scientists found a solar system that seems to resemble our own in its structure. Astronomers now regularly discover new planets. We have identified nearly 100 new worlds as of mid-2002. And scientists believe that some of these planets are able to sustain life.

In the past five years, despite the disinformation, misinformation and untruths promulgated by a wide range of sources, an increasing sense of the real possibility that UFOs are linked with non-human intelligent life has penetrated into nearly every corner of our planet. The UFO-ET phenomenon is affecting human societies and altering human consciousness on a global scale. In Africa, Asia, the Americas, and all of Europe, the peoples of Earth are awakening to a profound new probability-we are not alone in the Universe. Below is a just a small sample of recent major UFO events:

Australia: multiple witnesses report UFOs over Devenport, Tasmania

Bermuda: mass UFO sightings reported throughout the spring

China: residents of the city of Xiamen observed a UFO for 20 minutes flying southwest; a local TV station captured the UFO on film; millions of people in the major Chinese cities have witnessed UFOs, as reported in The New York Times

Ecuador: a huge cigar-shaped UFO interrupted a major soccer game and was captured on video and broadcast over TV

France: four men had a UFO close encounter 45 miles northwest of Paris

Israel: an Israeli journalist made public videos of UFOs taken in Israel

Sri Lanka: on the same day, an eight year-old girl reported a UFO landing in the school yard; a ten year-old schoolboy saw the same UFO; a 16 year-old saw a UFO later in the day in the same area; two physicians, in different parts of town, reported UFOs.

United Kingdom: the RAF tracked a UFO in the atmosphere traveling at 24,000 miles an hour, as reported in major papers and on TV as well.

In recent years, major UFO reports have come from a great number of nations, including Argentina, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Cuba, France, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, United States, Uruguay and Zimbabwe. In fact, about 150 nations of the world have reported UFO sightings within their borders.

In addition, slowly, gradually, but at an ever-increasing pace, many human beings are starting to view themselves as Earthlings and as Planetary Citizens. They see humanity as one family with Earth as its home. In the midst of terror attacks and rampant tribal warfare, people the world over are beginning to re-evaluate how we treat one another and how we care for the Home Planet. The UFO-ET phenomenon has played a part in this profound change in thinking. This shift in consciousness brought about by this enigmatic phenomenon has grave implications in a world governed by conflicting and warring nation-states and by ruthless, rapacious global corporations.

Just as human beings are increasingly becoming aware that we may not be alone in the Universe, there are strong hints that we may not even have been alone on our own planet. There is new, controversial evidence suggestive of ET presence on Earth-as well as ET interaction with, and possible manipulation of, human biological evolution-perhaps for tens or even hundreds of thousands of years. This startling information is causing a shift in consciousness that has deep implications for the scientific understanding of human evolution and the origin of life on Earth.

Ancient historical records, and information being compiled by present day researchers in archeology, paleontology and linguistics, provide tantalizing suggestions that modern man may have been created from earlier hominids through a genetic engineering program carried out by extraterrestrial beings. (Many UFO researchers believe an alien genetic engineering program is going on today.) Tribal myths in Africa and Native American legends in North America; as well as the most recent scholarly academic studies of the cultures of Sumeria, Babylonia and ancient Egypt, all tell of the interaction of human beings with intelligent beings from the sky. And many tell of the "seeding" of humans on Earth by alien civilizations. These ancient myths are in surprising agreement with some of today's leading edge research. If proven true, the findings would threaten the basic religious beliefs of the major religions that exist today.

Human society, science and religion will all need to undergo major shifts to accommodate this new knowledge. And in some ways this does indeed seem to be happening. However, it is not merely society and its institutions that must change. The psychological character structure of individual human beings the world over will need to change as well. This, too, appears to be occurring now, and to have been occurring over many generations, especially over the past 50 years. Many speculate that this gradual "mindshift" may be part of the "agenda" of the non-human intelligences.

The Global Mindshift now underway has been moved along, directly and indirectly, through the work of space scientists and "frontier scientists," as well as by the writings of the many men and women who have been compiling and analyzing UFO-ET reports from around the world for decades. Through their diligent work, people in every corner of our planet have been able to learn about their evaluation and assessment of the implications of the most astounding story of the new and old millennia-the reality and the presence of non-human intelligences near and on our planet. Among the scientists, researchers and reporters who are making valuable contributions to our understanding of this enigma are:

Linda Moulton Howe - Emmy-Award winning TV and radio journalist and author of Glimpses of Other Realities, Vols. 1 and 2; regular contributor to Art Bell's radio show; host of her own weekly show, Dreamland

Jim Marrs - investigative journalist author of Alien Agenda

John E. Mack, MD - best-selling author of Passport to the Cosmos (1999) and Abduction (1994)

Budd Hopkins - best-selling author of Missing Time, Intruders and Witnessed

David Jacobs, PhD - author of The Threat (1997), Secret Life (1992) and The UFO Controversy in America (1975)

Edgar Mitchell, DSc - Apollo 14 astronaut, MIT doctor of astronautics and aeronautics; author of The Way of the Explorer (1996)

Harold Puthoff, PhD - physicist, founder of the Advanced Studies Institute, expert in zero-point energy and space travel

Bernard Haisch, PhD - editor-in-chief of the cutting edge publication, the Journal of Scientific Exploration

Jerome Clark - long-time UFO researcher and author of the three-volume UFO Encyclopedia

John White - author of 15 books, founder and director of the international, 12 year-old UFO conference, The UFO Experience

Brian O'Leary - astronaut-scientist and author of Miracle in the Void - Free Energy, UFOs and Other Scientific Revelations

Paul Von Ward - a cross-cultural researcher in psychology, anomalous human experience and frontier science; author of The Solarian Legacy

Stephen Greer, MD - UFO researcher and founder of C-SETI (Center for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)

Steven J. Dick, PhD - historian and author of The Biological Universe, Life on Other Worlds; Plurality of Worlds.

Barry H. Downing - author of The Bible and Flying Saucers

Joe Lewels, PhD - ufologist and author of The God Hypothesis

Raymond Fowler - ufologist and author of The Andreasson Affair and many other books

A dramatic change is underway all over the planet regarding humanity's view of itself and its place in the Universe. The role of the UFO-ET phenomenon in promoting this change has been written about by most of the above authors and many other individuals as well..

In addition, the Global Mindshift involves a deeper human understanding of the origin of life on Earth; the evolution of human beings on Earth; and the existence of life throughout Creation. It also involves profound changes in the way people care for Planet Earth and care for one another. No human institution will remain unchanged by the emerging mindshift.

There are a number of theories about who the non-human intelligences are; why they are here; and what the varying agendas of the different types of beings appear to be. The reported non-human interactions with people run the gamut, from the traumatic to the transcendent. Although the mass media focus on sensationalizing the trauma people experience, there is far greater evidence that these relationships holds great positive potential for humanity. Although it is impossible to pin down a specific "agenda," researchers have proposed a wide range of thought-provoking possibilities. (Editor's note: The leading theories will be presented in a future article on this ejournal entitled "Why Are They Here?" so that readers can evaluate the spectrum of opinion on this subject for themselves.)

No one knows what tomorrow will bring. For example, a radically new view of the "medical procedures" reported to take place during "alien abductions," is emerging, suggesting that some procedures involved may have more to do with what we call "energy medicine" than with the type of "alien genetic engineering" program many researchers believe is underway. A profound reassessment of the focus of the interest of the non-human intelligences in human beings and Planet Earth may be at hand.

The Global Mindshift

In the United States, every few years, a major UFO story hits the headlines and then vanishes. For many people, UFOs are thought to be a rare phenomenon, witnessed by unstable people, individuals of questionable character, or people out to make a quick buck by perpetrating a hoax. However, this is not at all the case. UFOs are seen on an almost daily basis all over the world. The consistency of the reports across all cultures, and their near-daily occurrence, is quite impressive. The evidence of the global, ongoing nature of the UFO phenomenon is available for anyone to see on the Internet or in many books, journals and magazines. Those who make the effort to examine the worldwide reports, from reliable and credible witnesses, almost always come to a drastically different view of the UFO-ET phenomenon than those who rely on the corporate media for their information. Below is a brief overview of the global situation that provides a quick look at the planetary nature of this phenomenon.

Mindshift in Africa

Americans know very little about Africa whatsoever, so it is no surprise that UFO-ET reports from this continent do not appear in the mainstream media in the United States. Recently, Africa has become an area of focus for ufologists. Cynthia Hind has published important books about the phenomenon in Africa. Among American researchers, John E. Mack, MD has done some ground-breaking work there. There have been exciting and intriguing UFO reports from Zimbabwe, Zaire, South Africa, Nigeria and other African nations.

Mindshift in Asia

The UFO-ET phenomenon exists throughout the East, in China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and other Asian nations. In China, for example, the Chinese UFO Research Association receives government grants and some of the nation's most respected scientists and scholars are members. Even Communist Party officials are members of the UFO group. Recently, even The New York Times reported on a wave of UFO sightings over most of the major Chinese cities during which millions of people have witnessed extraordinary phenomena.

Mindshift in Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica

Australia is an island continent 80% of the size of the United States with a population of under 20 million. (The U.S. population is now about 283 million.) There is widespread UFO-ET activity in this region of the world. The American military and intelligence are major forces in this nation. Their presence in Australia colors the scene, sometimes ominously, in dark, profound ways, as it does in the United States. New Zealand and Antarctica are also areas where significant UFO activity has been reported, but this information rarely reaches the American public.

Mindshift in Europe

Throughout the "modern era" of ufology (1947-present) the focus of study and interest has been on the United States. However, the European continent has experienced many serious and important UFO "waves" and "flaps." There have been major UFO-ET incidents in the European Union nations, Russia and the Independent States, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, the Scandinavian countries and other nations as well. The Crop Circle phenomenon, which many connect with the UFO-ET enigma, is associated mostly with the UK, but it also occurs throughout Europe and needs to be studied seriously. Its apparent connection to fractal geometry is startling. It may prove to be offering a crucial message for humanity.

Mindshift in the Middle East

Although the Mideast has long been considered the seat of Western civilization, most Americans know of the Middle East only as the source of oil or as the source of constant threats from terrorism, Arab-Israeli conflicts, and Islamic fundamentalism. This part of the world has its own profound UFO history, dating back to Biblical times and before. The UFO-ET phenomenon manifests throughout the area, in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Egypt, Jordan and other nations of the Middle East.

Mindshift in Central and South America

"Our neighbors to the South" have been receiving visits from non-human intelligences for as long as the United States-perhaps for an even longer period. Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Peru and many other nations in the other Americas have been the sites for truly amazing UFO incidents. In Mexico, for example, millions of people have witnessed UFOs simultaneously over Mexico City.

Mindshift in the Caribbean

The beautiful waters of the Caribbean lure many American vacationers. But there is something strange going on in the skies above the marvelous beaches. The UFO-ET situation in Puerto Rico has received most of the focus, but Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic and other islands nations off the shores of North and South America deserves attention as well.

Mindshift in North America

More than ever before, Americans are aware of UFO presence in the United States. However, most Americans are not well-informed about the long history of Canadian involvement with the UFO-ET situation. It was a Canadian scientist who learned in the 1950s that the UFO matter was classified at a higher level of secrecy than even the hydrogen bomb. In addition, the sparsely populated Arctic region also has a UFO history of its own.

The Global Impact of the Alien Agenda

As Earthling exploration of the cosmos enters its next phase, it is time to look at the effect that the "alien agenda" is having on Earth's national governments, the world's major organized religions, the international scientific community, educational institutions and human nature itself. There is slow but increasing international cooperation among nations (despite our many wars and destruction of the environment) and growing concern for the health and survival of the planet among individuals and non-governmental organizations. The possible role of the UFO-ET phenomenon on these developments is being studied across the planet. For example, the Catholic Church has an official Papal Commission on UFOs and the implications of extraterrestrial life.

And many individuals who have encountered extraterrestrials have become dedicated environmentalists. Ecological and environmental concerns seem inextricably bound up with the UFO phenomenon. The work of John E. Mack, MD and others is important here. Interviews with "abductees" or "experiencers" may shed great light on and give insight into the impact of the alien presence.

Planet Earth and the Cosmic Community

In later articles, new information, unavailable from any other source, will be presented about the connections between possible extraterrestrial energy medicine procedures and resulting shifts in human consciousness that lead to greater concern for the planet, for healing, and for re-connecting with the Life Energy within our bodies and in Nature at large. These energy medicine procedures seem to be connected in some individuals to sudden advances in consciousness and radical, positive changes in lifestyle. Such advances may be required before humanity can be considered for entry into the Cosmic Community, an eventuality that many believe is at the heart of the global effort by the non-human intelligences.

The author is coming to a somewhat startling conclusion about the UFO-ET phenomenon, namely, that profound joy-not fear-may be the deepest, and the longest lasting impact of the intelligent nonhuman presence on Earth. Humanity will slowly begin to reunite with its "lost paradise," a core element of all religions and philosophical worldviews. This "paradise" is nothing other than direct, immediate contact with the Life Energy of the Universe. Evidence from some humans who have had encounters with extraterrestrials suggests that some human beings are being helped to re-connect with Nature, inside and outside of themselves. By re-connecting with the Life Energy, over time, humanity will be able to return to what it now calls its "Paradise," its "Home" or its "God."

The Global Mindshift underway will usher in an entirely new manner of looking at the UFO-ET phenomenon and the reasons for the non-human presence on our planet. The evidence reported by many researchers suggests that there is a deeper truth and reality involved, one far more profound than "government conspiracies" and "alien abductions."The most important impact of the activity by the nonhuman intelligences may be that it is causing a mindshift in human consciousness.

Human beings are beginning to learn about their true origin and nature; to understand humanity's place in the cosmos; and to change in such a way that humans can join the Cosmic Community. There is the potential for great joy in this expansion of consciousness and knowledge. And there is the potential for great joy in humanity's evolving to the point where it can peacefully explore creation with other intelligent life forms.

It is this cosmic joy-not fear, pain, inscrutable enigmas and unsolved mysteries-that can come from re-connecting with the Universe. However, humans must make the effort to awaken, open their eyes, and see reality as it truly is: a living universe in which human beings, other intelligent life forms, and living and non-living nature, are all inextricably interconnected.


The UFO phenomenon is global in nature. However, its true scope and significance is unknown to most Americans, who are unaware that UFO sightings and direct ET-human contact take place on a daily basis in every country of the world.

Most Americans now know that the UFO phenomenon is taken very seriously by the United States government (despite its denials). What the U.S. public does not know is that foreign governments and foreign military establishments are equally concerned about UFO reality and ET presence.

The single most important global phenomenon of both the old and the new millennium-human contact with intelligent life from elsewhere-may contribute to the total transformation of humanity that seems to be at its beginning stages today, partly as a result of the presence of non-human intelligences.

Advances in astronomy, astrophysics and physics are changing humanity's conception of itself and its place in the Universe. Many people are beginning to connect ancient energy concepts with modern physical energy models. This newly emerging understanding of energy is becoming more apparent to increasing numbers of people, although the nature of the energy itself is not understood at present.

The UFO-ET phenomenon is basically an energy phenomenon. Because we try to understand this energy through the inadequate tools of mechanistic science and mystical thinking, its comprehension eludes us. However, it is through the study of Life Energy, inside and outside of ourselves, that this puzzling phenomenon eventually will be comprehended. And it is through the investigation of the Life Energy that we will learn who we really are.

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