Live on 21st Century Radio, August 11, 2002 from 7-9 PM

Get out your hiking boots and pith helmets, friends, it's time to be armchair adventurers again on 21st Century Radio.

First we'll hear from Loren Coleman on his newly revised book, Tom Slick: True Life Encounters in Cryptozoology, the true story of Texas millionaire Tom Slick's quest for the Abominable Snowmen, Bigfoot, Giant Salamanders, Orang Pendek, and other creatures unknown to science. Rumor has it that Nicolas Cage will be making a Tom Slick movie in the near future.
This book includes fascinating stories of Slick's early brushes with adventure such as his stepfather's abduction by George "Machine Gun" Kelly in 1933, and his early explorations of Loch Ness are followed by his later expeditions into Nepal and the Pacific Northwest in search of the Yeti and its counterpart, the Sasquatch. The narrative of Slick's amazing, fanatic, and driven search for the stuff of legends takes readers on a whirlwind journey from the dense temperate rainforests of Washington State to the steamy mountain valleys and snowfields of the Himalayaã and shows that sometimes cryptids leave the halls of the imagination and are found and captured, as proved by the giant panda and the Komodo dragon, leaving readers to wonder what more there is to be discovered.

Then we'll hear from Trevor James Constable about his phenomenal progress in Rain Engineering, and how the practical methods to END DROUGHT NOW exist today. Follow us to the high seas and in aircrafts high above the clouds as we watch Constable's rain engineering methods create deluges of rain from the sky. Tons of cloud-seeding chemicals are injected annually into the atmosphere, descending to contaminate the life chain. Governments simultaneously pursue environmental cleanup at high cost.

Trevor James Constable will tell us about this environmentally pure technology developed by practical men to deal with drought effectively. No chemicals or radiation in any form are employed. Etheric rain engineering accesses and technologically employs the chemical ether, which permeates and controls the atmosphere via the ether's mighty, yet gossamer-subtle flows.

That's 21st Century Radio, at 7 PM Eastern on August 11, 2002.

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