Live on 21st Century Radio, June 9, 2002 from 7-9 PM

What if Jim Morrison, the flamboyant lead singer of the legendary rock group "the Doors", had staged his own death and was still alive today, living in seclusion?

That is the question answered by Doors' Keyboardist, Ray Manzarek, in his new novel: The Poet in Exile: A Journey into the Mystic. On June 9, 2002 on 21st Century Radio, Special Guest Ray Manzarek will tell his tale that begins when Manzarek's character receives a few cryptic letters from the Poet, postmarked from an obscure island in the Indian Ocean. What follows is a heartwarming reunion, and the telling of the Poet's familiar story of a spiritual quest followed by a retreat into a peaceful, happy family life.

Second hour we'll check in with Linda Moulton Howe for an update on her reporting on Science, Medicine, the Environment and the Unexplained.

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