Mindshift 2002: There Is No Salvation

By Michael Mannion

The desire for salvation is a hallmark of human life in our era and has been a destructive force in human history for millennia. This desire arises from the deep human helplessness created by the crippling of the sexual function, from infancy onwards, in the overwhelming majority of people of earth.

When the natural sexual function is impaired, the negative results spill over into all other aspects of life. Creativity, independence, clarity of thinking, self-confidence, emotional stability and many other aspects of a person's make-up are adversely affected. Unfortunately, the depth of human helplessness cannot be over-estimated. Because of this socially acquired problem, it is possible for clever humans to manipulate people by exploiting their intense desire to be saved.

The interference with natural sexual development by parents, physicians, clerics, psychologists, social workers, politicians and other "authorities" creates a profound emptiness in people. Most turn outward in their search for answers to this inner problem. They look to parents, lovers, spouses, children, therapists, alcohol, drugs, religion, entertainment and material possessions but nothing fills the void within. Out of contact with their own selves, they continue to seek salvation from their emotional emptiness. This desire to be saved is not confined to the private life of human beings. It plays out on the social scene as well.

One of the many great tragedies of our world is that those whose lives and work inspires hope in people-even those who do not promise salvation-are misunderstood by the average person. The exciting dreams and vision of those who would change our world temporarily fill empty souls with hope. But people in general are not able to undertake the work required to make these dreams come true. Their capacity to take responsibility for their own lives has been severely damaged. When the hopes stirred by great visionaries are unfulfilled or thwarted, history shows over and over how viciously and cruelly humanity turns on its "saviors" and destroys them. Disappointed, frustrated hope is frequently transformed into hatred.

If the individual who once inspired great hope is not actually physically exterminated, human beings regularly distort the contributions he or she has made, usually into their exact opposite. For example, Buddha's "I am awake" has become a complex, labyrinthine belief system. Jesus's counsel to "Love one another" was perverted into the intolerant, inquisitorial Catholic Church with its anti-life, anti-sexual doctrines. Marx's efforts to help establish human freedom degenerated into the totalitarian systems of Stalin and Mao, with mass murder a defining characteristic of both governments.

The desire for salvation also has been a significant theme in the history of the UFO-ET phenomenon for the past 55 years. The arrival of mystery ships with miraculous flight performance capabilities provoked great interest and hope in many people. In the 1950s, the "Contactees" of the day spoke in public and wrote about their sublime meetings with spiritually advanced extraterrestrials. Some of the contactees claimed they were asked to convey extraterrestrial messages to humanity. The books of the era are replete with stories of expected salvation from the atomic menace, war, disease, poverty and other intractable human problems through the intervention of the UFO occupants. Many contactees also proclaimed that direct ET contact with humanity was imminent. It would happen "soon," they were told. A number of people predicted that the extraterrestrials would reveal themselves and announce why they were here to the world on specific dates in specific years. Of course, all of those days came and went.

In the 1960s, the ET phenomenon entered a new phase, the "abduction" era, with a report in LIFE magazine on the famous Barney and Betty Hill encounter case. So-called "alien abduction" reports were rare in the early 1960s, partially due to the fact that many researchers chose not to report this material when they were told about it. They elected to stick to reports of daytime discs or nocturnal lights. However, by the early 1970s, ET-human encounter stories became more and more common. The Pascagoula, Mississippi case and the Travis Walton case are two well-known examples from the period. During that time, people continued to report receiving messages from the ETs indicating that direct contact would occur "soon." The stories of benevolent aliens and expectations of revelation, contact and societal transformation continued as well.

In the 1980s, the spiritual "Space Brothers" messages began to be superceded by two conflicting views of the aliens and their activities. Budd Hopkins, author of Missing Time, Intruders and other books on the subject, is generally associated with the "negative" view. Dr. John E. Mack, author of Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens and Passport to the Cosmos, with the "positive" view. These stereotypical characterizations are not completely accurate but they are prevalent. The dominant assessments that emerged, and that received the most publicity, were: (1) the extraterrestrials are concerned about the damage humans are causing to the environment and the other life forms on earth; and (2) the entities are indifferent to us and are simply using or harvesting us for genetic material they need, either for themselves or to create a human-alien hybrid for unknown purposes. This dichotomy in views persisted throughout the 1990s. The "Space Brothers" salvation-oriented views continued to be expressed as well, along with a resurgence in fundamentalist religious views of ETs as "Satan's minions."

Throughout this 55-year period, the leaders of the world have waffled. Presidents have said they have seen UFOs. And presidents have promised to make all secret government information public. But nothing has ever happened. Some foreign governments have denied the phenomenon exists; other governments of the world have leaked information that UFOs are real. The U.S. government has both denied the phenomenon exists and leaked information suggesting that it is real. Some UFO researchers have claimed that ETs are the enemies of mankind; that they have been here for millennia; are manipulating and controlling us with impunity; and may even have created us through genetic engineering.

Beneath all of the confusion, fear and hope expressed concerning the UFO-ET phenomenon is the deep desire on the part of a suffering humanity for relief from its distress. The craving to be saved still manifests itself because it has never been sated. After millennia of waiting for "The Messiah," and of killing "false messiahs," humankind still sits, waiting. But who or what could ever rescue a humanity that has lost its connection to Life, within and without?

The religions of the world have brought thousands of years of murderous conflict but not salvation. Mechanistic science has taken us to the point where our air, water, soil and food are poisoned and the nuclear Sword of Damocles hangs over our heads. The great European and Asian political "revolutions" of the 20th century degenerated into mass murder. The emerging American Empire is now wallowing in a morass of phony democracy, hypocritical patriotic gore, and corrupt crony capitalism in which government officials transfer the public treasury into their own bank accounts and the accounts of those who bankroll them. All of this is possible because of the helplessness of the average human being; the incapacity of men and women everywhere to take responsibility for shaping their own lives and societies.

In terms of the ET-UFO phenomenon, both the hopes and the fears that people project onto the enigmatic entities are evidence of human helplessness. Salvation-seeking is apparent in such beliefs as that the ETs will bring about or assist with our spiritual enlightenment; help restore the health of the environment; or introduce a golden age of benign technological development. These wishes all have their foundation in human incapacity. Similarly, the fears that ETs are somehow manipulating us as individuals and societies; that they are exploiting us callously; or have plans to remake, or even eliminate, humanity through some advanced genetic engineering program, also arise from our helplessness.

Both fears and dreams of salvation are based on human helplessness, which itself is based on the crippling of human sexuality that occurs in every society on earth from birth onward. It is highly possible that the reported interest in human sexuality by non-human intelligences may have very little to do with genetics, biology or physiology. The focus of the non-human intelligences may be on something quite different. Mankind is the only species on earth that interferes with its own natural sexual functioning. This leads directly to disaster, for human beings, the other life forms on earth and the planet itself.

Is human sexual pathology, and not human sexual behavior or biology, the focus of the non-human intelligences? It certainly would be understandable if it were-understandable to non-human intelligences, that is, but sadly, not to most human beings. The non-human intelligences are probably trying to understand us. We are too busy to do so; too busy killing one another, raping the planet, and engaging in any of a number of destructive and self-destructive behaviors designed to keep us away from what we most dread: making the dream of a loving, pleasurable, fulfilling life on a peaceful, harmonious planet a reality.

Mankind has sought salvation through religions, spiritual movements, philosophies, ethics, political revolutions, economic systems, and cults. Human beings have been willing to turn their lives over to a wide range of charismatic individuals who promised-or seemed to promise-salvation. Some have hoped that the UFO-ET phenomenon would conclude with some form of intervention that would save us from ourselves.

There are no saviors. There is no salvation. The global warfare, the environmental destruction, the many genocides of the 20th and 21st centuries are the direct result of who we are and what we believe. Only we can save ourselves. Is there any reason to believe we will?

With thanks to author Michael Mannion


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