How to Divine the Future like a Druid!

Celtic Wisdom Sticks
Ancient ogam symbols offer
guidance for today

by Caitlin Matthews

A secret language of the Celts can give you a wealth of ancient wisdom. The "Celtic Wisdom Sticks: An Ogam Oracle" kit and book by Caitlin Matthews will get you ready to access this knowledge for yourself using authentic wooden sticks each inscribed with a letter of the ancient ogam alphabet. Each letter in this form of the alphabet represents a tree, and so the sticks are imbued with the poetic tree memory, and the magic and folklore of Celtic tradition. By casting the woods and rolling the indicator stick you will invoke the sacred winds of direction for guidance. You can then consult one of 80 possible oracular answers to your question. Caitlin Matthews will be our guide to the Celtic Wisdom Sticks on February 3rd, from 7-8 PM Eastern time on 21st Century Radio.

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The Celtic Lunar Zodiac: How to Interpret
Your Moon Sign
by Helena Paterson

In the second hour we'll hear from Helena Patterson to talk about your Celtic Moon Sign. The people of Celtic Europe have watched the skies for centuries, developing their astrology into a precise and sophisticated science. To them, the movement of the Moon was just as important as the movement of the Sun because it helped to round out the picture of the personality. For further clarification, they also related the thirteen lunar months of the year to specific trees, flowers and gemstones. Our ancestors recognized the intimate relationship between the movements of the stars and the natural world. Now, Helena Patterson offers you a treasure trove of insights into Celtic mythology, herbal lore and druidic mystery tradition. The Celtic Lunar Zodiac opens up an enticing new dimension into astrological interpretation.

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Sunday, February 3, 2002 at 7 PM Eastern.

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