Hieronimus Art Gallery

Detail from the "E Pluribus Unum" mural located in Baltimore's legendary Lexington Market.
Artist Bob Hieronimus, 1986.

This segment measures eight feet by 20 feet. This is the central segment of the mural depicting many of the famous people who have dined at the world famous Lexington Market over its two centuries. Centrally located is seen the Reverse of America's Great Seal (the pyramid surmounted by the eye in a triangle below, covered by George Washington's seal seen just over the head of the father of our country's portrait. The other portraits include (from left to right) : Eubie Blake, Senator Barbara Mikulski, Francis Scott Key, Clarence Mitchell, Jr., Elaine Stein, Thomas Jefferson (above whom is a Master spiritual teacher), George Washington in Free Masonic regalia, John Eager Howard, Ben Franklin also in Free Masonic regalia, Blaze Starr, and Mayor/Governor/State Comptroller William Donald Schaefer.