Cricital acclaim for Hieronimus’s artwork

"In the same way that the artists of the Hudson River School captured the cathedrals of America's natural beauty, so does Robert Hieronimus capture the inner sanctions of our nation's greatness. His artwork is the silence between the notes of the national anthem -- the esoteric symbolism and ideals that undergird our country. Hieronimus is the artist of our inner life as a nation."

- Mitch Horowitz, author of Occult America

"Our world needs your richness of ideas and global perspective... I am so happy you are part of our arts family."

-Aldon James, Jr., President of The National Arts Club

The good news is your fascinating art itself. Though esthetically we are far apart and I always have trouble with painting that is based on a complex system of symbols, I was extremely pleased by your amazing coloristic sense. You really light up those canvases or sheets or cars or walls or whatever you happen to be working on. I think I prefer your non-symetrical works, like Akasha (record cover), for its brilliant, active color and unexpected imagery. The contrast of regular stripes with loosely placed stars and figures is closer to the kind of more open composing I'm used to. But absolutely symmetrical works like "The Perennial Philosophy" wins by its dazzling, hypnotic color and patterns."

-Budd Hopkins, artist and UFO researcher.

Hopkins' art is in the permanent collections in the Whitney Museum, the Guggenheim Museum, Hirshhorn Museum, and at the Museum of Modern Art; he has received grants or endowments from the Guggenheim Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts. His articles on art have appeared in leading magazines and journals, and he has lectured at many art schools.

(regarding a speaking engagement of Dr. Bob's at the School of Visual Arts, NYC):

"I want to thank you on behalf of the school and my students in particular for your entertaining and highly informative introduction to the "Yellow Submarine". We have had luminaries here such as Matt Dillon, Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Meryl Streep and the like. Your presentation ranks among the best we have had. I know I speak for the students there when I say we would welcome you back any time."

-Gene Stavis, Professor of Film History, School of Visual Arts

Hieronimus Art Gallery

Included here are articles and samples of artwork created by Dr. Bob over a 30 year career.

Click here for background information on Hieronimus' artwork.

The Apocalypse Mural, Newly Restored in 2015

The historic Apocalypse mural by Dr. Bob Hieronimus at Johns Hopkins University, Levering Hall was fully restored in the summer of 2015, and on April 8, 2016 Johns Hopkins hosted an alumni weekend special lecture and tour of the mural. Johns Hopkins University has enthusiastically embraced Hieronimus's historic piece of artwork, and not only helped to finance the restoration, but also installed new museum-style furniture, new lighting fixtures, and new protection measures for preserving the work in the future. Read all about it and check out articles, videos, and slideshows on the Apocalypse Mural restoration.

See the Artcars!

"We The People" Mural

Photo: Stuart Zolotorow

The "We The People" Mural is both a refurbishment and a redesigned extension of a 1974 Bob Hieronimus mural called "The Bicentennial Mural" - one of 10 contest winners for the City's Bicentennial art program that year.

With funding from Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus he selected a crew of dedicated art students and professionals from UMBC, MICA and Johns Hopkins University to help him execute his new design, which this time encompassed the entire wall, nearly doubling the size of the original. Read about the Mural renovation...

Read about the Official opening party held for the "We The People" Mural

One People, One Planet, Hon!
Online gallery of the complete exhibit

December - January 2009

The Windup Space, 12 W. North Ave., Baltimore

Age of Decadence
1967, poster, pen and ink





The Perennial Philosophy
2006, pen, ink and watercolor

The Oil Angle
2003, watercolor and pen and ink


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Abbey Road Mural


A Little Help From Our Friends


American Beauty


E Pluribus Unum


New Sketches



Egyptian Meditation Room 1977


All American City Mural 1977

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Two Centuries of Coldspring 1977


Historic Views of Baltimore 1976



Bicentennial Mural 1974



Paintings and Drawings



Lord's Prayer Mural 1969

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UFOs conscious health paranormal mysticart1a


Apocalypse Mural 1968-69

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Painted Automobiles




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