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One People, One Planet, HON!

Windup Space Baltimore MD

Dec - Jan 2009 - Click on thumbnails below for larger image

See the presentation from Dr. Bob at the opening

"In the same way that the artists of the Hudson River School captured the cathedrals of America's natural beauty, so does Robert Hieronimus capture the inner sanctions of our nation's greatness. His artwork is the silence between the notes of the national anthem -- the esoteric symbolism and ideals that undergird our country. Hieronimus is the artist of our inner life as a nation." -- Mitch Horowitz, author of Occult America

Age of Decadence


American Beauty

American Express

American Express Eagle Head

Apocalypse: Detail

Apocalypse: Detail

Oil Angle

Corporate Surprise

Earth Day Poster

French Connection

Garland Appeal poster

Hieronimus Self Portrait

Horus Temple at Edfu

Pyramid and Sphinx


Mothers of Invention

Occult Fest

Permanent State, top

Past, Present, Future

Permanent State, bottom

Yellow, Orange, Red

Purple, Green

Purple, Green, Yellow


Schaefer, poster - 1971

Schaefer Steinberg - 1986



Perennial Philosophy


Ziggy Marley and Dr. Bob at the
Little Help from Our Friends Mural

"Light" the Woodstock Bus