The Founding Fathers Artcar Goes Green!

Saturday, the 18th of November has been declared “Biodiesel Day” for us!  That’s the first day we bio-fueled up Dr. Bob’s Artcar, “Founding Fathers” thanks to the Baltimore Biodiesel Coop!  Thanks to this dedicated bunch of volunteers, we now have a dispensing bio-gaspump available to our community.  Anyone with a diesel vehicle and fuel up today and enjoy the benefits of “fuel from U.S. farms instead of foreign oil”.  But you should do your research first, and we suggest you start by joining the Baltimore Biodiesel Coop.

Dr. Bob Hieronimus and Keith Losoya and son Louis with the Founding Fathers Artcar on its first day being filled up with Biodiesel.

Ted Rouse is bio-fueling the Founding Fathers Artcar.

The “Founding Fathers” is riding in the Mayor’s Christmas Parade on 12/3/06 and will be flying a car flag and showing window signs saying “This Car Is Running On BALTIMORE Biodiesel”!  Stop by and ask us for more information!   We’d like to say this is the FIRST biodiesel powered “Artcar” in the state of Maryland, but can anyone out there tell us if that is incorrect?  Do you know of anyone else with a painted car in Maryland running on biodiesel?  This time, we’ll be ready for Artscape if they decide again at the last minute that only alternatively-fueled Artcars will be on display.










The Mill Valley Garden Center at 2800 Sisson Street is the location for the biodiesel pump operated by the Baltimore Biodiesel Coop.

Inside the Mill Valley Garden Center where biodiesel can be found to fuel your car.

The Baltimore Biodiesel Coop is run by volunteers. Here is Ted Rouse teaching Carrie Harlan and daughter Eva how to operate the pump.

The TERRIFIC Mill Valley Garden Center is the home for the Baltimore Biodiesel Coop’s pump.


















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