The March 7, 2006 Photos of the "Founding Fathers" Artcar
by Dr. Bob Hieronimus

Showing the early progression on the driver’s side or the “Great Seal” side.

Dr. Bob examining the driver’s side front rear showing “Novus Ordo Seclorum” one of the mottoes on the reverse of the Great Seal. Translated literally it means “New Order of the Ages,” and referred to the new era of democracy the founders believed they were starting.

Progress on the driver’s side through March 7, 2006.

Dr. Bob smiling by the driver’s side door. True to his mercurial spirit, Dr. Bob has added the Yellow Submarine hovering over the Great Pyramid.

This close-up of the driver’s side door shows the 13-stepped pyramid with the radiant eye in a triangle suspended above it (the subjects of Dr. Bob’s new book, Founding Fathers, Secret Societies). Below the pyramid you see one of Dr. Bob’s other famous painted cars, The Woodstock Bus (a.k.a. “Light”), which happened to have a Sphinx painted on its side panel, so parking it in front of the Great Pyramid seemed appropriate.

Above: The driver’s side of the car on March 8, 2006. This side is painted in pastel colors to balance out the bold primary red, white and blues on the passenger side. The emphasis here is on the reverse of the Great Seal which Dr. Bob contends shows our republic was established with a core of spiritual values (not yet fully realized) and can act as a blueprint for America’s destiny.

Dr. Bob points to the Summer Triangle constellation, which encloses his “favorite” astrological symbol: Virgo (because birthday is on September 16th).

The still-unfinished Hieronimus coat of arms, the last thing to be completed on the driver’s side. See a close up of the finished coat of arms below.

A close up detail of the driver’s door with the eye in the triangle over the pyramid, the constellation Virgo, and a miniature Woodstock Bus showing the Sphinx. According to David Ovason, this summer triangle is reflected in several homages to the goddess Virgo throughout the street designs and architecture of Washington DC.

On March 8, 2006, Dr. Bob rests for one minute on the almost finished driver’s side of the car. You can see more of the details in the Hieronimus coat of arms here.

Notice the completely untouched hood of the car, which is as blank as the roof right now. At the time of this photo, he has about 10 days left to finish (to allow time for it to dry and apply the clear top coat of protection) Almost there, but still a long way to go!

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