Introduction to Bob Hieronimus's Book
Inside The Yellow Submarine: The Making of the Beatles Animated Classic
provided by Sir George Martin, Beatles Producer

The film, "Yellow Submarine" was nothing short of a phenomenon, an extraordinary work of art. That it should have appeared at all is remarkable, given the circumstances of its birth, but its brilliant quality has marked it for all time as a great piece of cinematic art. If there were a film to encapsulate the wonderful, colorful, sense of the 1960's, "Yellow Submarine" is the one. It was borne out of a financial and contractual need; not a promising beginning. However, in the hands of a merry tribe of dedicated artists and inspired by the music of the Beatles, it became something the world had never seen before.

The story of its creation, told here by Robert Hieronimus, is almost as dramatic and as fascinating as the story of the Beatles themselves. And although they in fact had little to do with the making of the film, it is surprisingly in line with their own ideals and I am sure they now wish they had taken a greater interest in its production. Nonetheless, they should be as proud of it as the people who did the actual work, many of them unknown, all generous and hardworking. This book is essentially a tribute to those heroes and I am proud to have been part of it.

--by Sir George Martin, Producer of The Beatles
and Music Director on Yellow Submarine

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