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Inside the Yellow Submarine: The Making of the Beatles' Animated Classic
by Robert R. Hieronimus, Ph.D.

Dedication and Acknowledgements
Dramatis Personae
Author’s Preface
Foreword by Professor Erich Segal
Introduction by Sir George Martin CBE
Notes on Some Design Problems by Bob Balser
Synopsis of Yellow Submarine

Chapter 1 How the Yellow Submarine Fell into the Sea of Holes
This Expression of Flower Power Was Born Out of A Contractual Obligation. The Times, They Were A Changin’. United Artists and the Three Film Contract. Al Brodax and The Beatles Cartoons. Did the Yellow Submarine Film Fulfill The Beatles’ Contract? Strain from Deadline and Budget.

Chapter 2 The Beatles' Hands Off Involvement
Why They Weren't Involved and Their First Impressions. Brian Epstein’s Yellow Submarine Foresight. The Beatles Were Blasé. The Co-Creators Meet The Beatles. Why Voice Actors Mouthed The Beatles. How The Beatles Provided Inspiration in Absentia. Which Beatle Took The Most Interest In The Production of the Film. Paul Wanted Yellow Submarine to be More Like Disney. George Likes The Trans-Generational Appeal of Yellow Submarine. Ringo Has Made “Yellow Submarine” His Theme Song. John Lennon “Remembers” Designing Some of the Meanies. The Beatles Appear Live at the End of the Film. The Beatles’ Reaction to the 1999 Renovation of Yellow Submarine.

Chapter 3 The Song “Yellow Submarine” Emerged from the Twilight Zone And Spawned an Empire
Out of a Dream-Like State. Party Atmosphere. The Recording Sessions. Anyone Who Was Around That Day. Spoken Passage Returns on The Anthology. Single and LP Releases.

Chapter 4 Will The Real Designer of Yellow Submarine Please Stand Up?
Heinz Edelmann Deserves The Title “Father of Yellow Submarine Art”. A “This Is It!” Moment. The Edelmann Genre. The Heinzising Unit. Like an Albatross. Peter Max: All American Pop Artist. Milton Glaser on Peter Max.

Chapter 5 How The Yellow Submarine’s Crew Was Assembled
TVC of London and George Dunning. Amended Credits List. Searching for Edelmann. All Hands on Deck. Several Months of Work Were Done Without a Script. The American King Features Contingent. The Cream of the Crop of British Animators of the 1960s. The Beatles Impersonators. The True Identity of The Beatles’ Voices Was Squelched.

Chapter 6 The Daily Experience on the Set
In the Beginning Was The Idea, and Brodax Said This Idea Is Good. How To Draw A Film Without A Script. A Charmed Atmosphere. Inspiration from the Father of Yellow Submarine Art. Drug Use and Stress On The Scene. A Crew of Over 200. Day to Day Memories. Which Scenes Came First. The Rush To The Finish Line. Peculiar Challenges for the Sound Departments. Playing The Beatles. One of the Parallel Tracks: The Making of the
Original Yellow Submarine Soundtrack.

Chapter 7 George Dunning: The “Bloody Brilliant” Director of Yellow Submarine

Life History and Achievements. Dunning Explains His Yellow Submarine Motives. The Evolution from the TV Cartoon Beatles to Yellow Submarine. Dunning’s Singular Importance to the Yellow Submarine. Special Project Unit: “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”. Dunning Was “Uncle Plasma”. Questionable Health.

Chapter 8 Charlie Jenkins and His Magical Bench

Jenkins’ Contributions To The Film. Unanimously Considered A Genius. The Jenkins Mystique=The Jenkins Technique. Unshrouding the Magical Mystery Bench. A Postcard Trip From Liverpool To London and Out To Sea. Life After Submarine.

Chapter 9 Who Wrote The Screenplay? Ad Hoc Ad Loc and Quid Pro Quo, So Little Time, So Much to Know!
Why Such a Mystery. Brodax Remembers a Script. Lee Minoff: The Writer with The Beatles Haircut. Minoff vs. Brodax. Yellow Submarine Alternate Realities 1 & 2. Conceptual Ideas. We’re Not Using Your Script. An Amazing Tribute to Edelmann’s Brilliance. Script Archeology by Edelmann. It’s Not True: Brodax’s Rebuttal. Enter the Professor of Classics: Erich Segal’s Contributions. Meet The Beatles. The Bulldog and Yale. Back-up Script by Jack Mendelsohn. Sometimes It Seems More Than One Person Wrote The Same Lines. Yellow Submarine Alternate Realities 3 & 4. Mysterious Origins of the Comic Book and Paperback Revealed. Uncredited Roger McGough, OBE. Edelmann’s Diary of the How the “Script” Evolved.

Chapter 10 Tension on the Set: Why Part of the Yellow Submarine Was Kidnapped
Yanks vs. Brits? Fundamental Difference of Opinion. The Transition From TV Series to Feature Film. Dunning and Deadlines. Accusations of Anti-Semitism. The Attempted “Takeover”. Behind Schedule. Did They Overspend Their Budget? The “Kidnapping” of the Yellow Submarine. Brodax on the “Kidnapping” and “Takeover”. How the “Takeover” Attempt Was Viewed by the Crew.

Chapter 11 Inspiration, Parody and Cameo Appearances: Roses, Holes and Eleanor Rigby
Roses Behind His Ears. Who Was Old Fred? Pepperland Based on Cape Cod? The Boob and Erich Segal. The Dreadful Flying Glove. Ian Cowan in the Sea of Time. George Martin Used J.S. Bach to Spoof Hamlet Cigars. Red Meanies, Blue Meanies, Purple Meanies, Whose Meanies? Were the Blue Meanies From King Features? “Eleanor Rigby” Is Full of Snapshots of the Film’s Co-Creators. Real Liverpool Landmarks Were Seen.

Chapter 12 The Best and the Worst and the Split Personality of Yellow Submarine
Most Successful Scenes. Some of the Mistakes. The Split Personality of Yellow Submarine. For Those Yet to See the “Hey Bulldog” Version. The Trouble Was: Where to Put It?. Why The Bulldog Was Sent To The Kennel: Anti-Climax or Artistic Preference?. Opinions on the 1999 Reinsertion.

Chapter 13 Deadline Met, The World Premiere: The Co-Creators Mingle with the Beautiful People for a Flashbulb Popping Night
Who Attended This Happening Event. One Fan’s Incredibly Good Perspective. The Co-Creators Become VIPs for a Night. “The Voices” Weren’t Welcome.

Chapter 14 Yellow Submarine Reviews and Box Office: Radically Different Receptions in the U.K. vs. the USA
Box Office in the UK. UK Critics. Box Office in the USA. USA Critics. Great Notices in America.

Chapter 15 The Repercussions of Yellow Submarine: How This Hurried Little Film Changed the World
Yellow Submarine is the Favorite Film of Some Famous People. Who Felt the Anti-Disney Sentiment on the Set. Innovative in Style and Devotion. We Didn’t Pioneer Anything. Most of the Innovations Came From Jenkins and Edelmann. We Pioneered Everything. The Yellow Submarine “Letraset” Discovery. A Two-Month Paid Holiday Turned Into an 11 Month Nightmare. Did the Yellow Submarine Change Your Life?. Yellow Submarine Almost Bankrupted TV Cartoons.

Chapter 16 The Yellow Submarine Comes of Age: Life Since 1968 and Its Spectacular Rebirth in 1999
1993: The 25th Year Reunion Party. 1997: A 29th Anniversary Party. 1998: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary. 1999: The Yellow Submarine Resurfaces in Unmitigated Glory Thanks to Bruce Markoe, The Latest in a Long Series of Yellow Submarine Heroes. The Beatles Were Bowled Over. Cleaning Up The Film. Enhancing the Sound Track. The Difference Between Black & White and Color. Reactions to the Renovation from The Beatles, Film Critics and the Co-Creators. Liverpool Launches the Renovated Yellow Submarine. The Limited Theater Release in 1999. The Yellow Submarine Honored by the U.S. Postal Service. The Yellow Submarine Goes For A Ride In A Big Way. A New List of Credits for the Digital Age. Nothing Befits a Legend Like Animation.

Chapter 17 The Comic Book and Novelization: More Alternate Realities for the Yellow Submarine
Searching the Collector’s Market for Variations on the Yellow Submarine. Max Wilk and the Novelization. Paul S. Newman and the Yellow Submarine Gold Key Comic Book. Newman’s Logic. Why Newman and Delbo Received No Credits on the Comic Book. José Delbo and the Yellow Submarine Gold Key Comic Book. Comparing the Variations in the Versions.

Chapter 18 “Maybe We’re Part of a Vast Yellow Submarine Fleet”: Real Life Yellow Submarines Around the World

Jacques Cousteau and Yellow Submarines. The Yellow Bathyscaphe Trieste. Yellow Workboat Submarine Beaver IV. The Yellow Submarine with the Orcaforce Frogmen. The Yellow Submarine Tours the Red Sea. Tour Hawaii’s Coral Reef in a Yellow Submarine. Scuba Diving with a Yellow Submarine. Observe Mediterranean Marine Life Aboard a Yellow Glass Bottom Boat. A Yellow Submersible Searchers for Titanic Treasures. The Yellow Submarine and the Loch Ness Monster. Pranksters and Yellow Submarines. The “Aquanauts”: New Cartoon Heroes in Yellow Submarines. Non-Aquatic Yellow Submarines. A Yellow Submarine Theme Park Ride.

Chapter 19 The Cottage Industry Continues: Dr. Bob’s Review of the Yellow Submarine Merchandise Created in 1999/2000
You Look Like the Originals. Original Co-Creators React to New Yellow Sub Memorabilia. Collecting: For Fun, Profit, Nostalgia or Greed. Dr. Bob’s Review of the Yellow Submarine Memorabilia of 1999/2000: Corgi Classics, Ltd.; Westminster Stamp Gallery; American Royal Arts; Capitol/EMI; Comic Images; ERTL Racing Champions; G-Rated T-shirts; Gartlan USA; Lyon Company/Vandor; Todd McFarlane; Sterling Promotions; MGM/UA; Playing Mantis; Ralph Marlin; Alpi International; Fossil Watches; Hallmark Keepsake; Heavy Duty Productions; Highlight/Starz; The Planet; Signatures; Trevco Tees and Trends; U.S.P.S.; Greg Wood / Judie Bomberger; Zippo; Quiksilver/Roxy; Lordsvale/Rock-ola.


Appendix 1 Excerpts from the Balser/Edelmann Script
Appendix 2 Biographies of the Co-Creators of Yellow Submarine and Where They Are Today
Appendix 3 Screen Credits


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