Reactions from Readers and Reviewers of INSIDE THE YELLOW SUBMARINE:
The Making of The Beatles Animated Classic,

by Dr. Bob Hieronimus

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From Beatles Website Director,, Archer & Valerie Dusublon: “The book is such a mindblower -- we knew it would be great, but it is Great to the Nth Degree!!! We're even planning to get zoned by the Sub video again the weekend, with the whole new perspective! (We made a few adjustments to the webpage after reading it -- sending people to Hieronimus & Company for the "lost chapter" etc.) We got so much material from your most-excellent interview we extended its use in our "Beatles For Breakfast" and "Liner Notes" features.”

From a Reader, Steven Baron: “Today I received the book from Krause. I am stunned as to the breadth and depth of your research. As a Ph.D. Psychologist myself I know what a research project can entail and your book is worthy of being considered a dissertation. I am taking a vacation next week and your book will be the one I bring with me to read on the beach. I would be honored to have you autograph my copy. I will send it out tomorrow (Friday). I really appreciate your taking the time to sign it. I will send a note with the book indicating my address. Thanks again for not only being so nice to me but for taking the time to put together your opus which is a service to Beatles fans everywhere.”

From Beatles Website Director,, JerryBozajian: “I would like to thank Dr. Robert Hieronimus for sending me a review copy of his new book "Inside The Yellow Submarine: The Making Of The Beatles' Animated Classic." This thorough work contains over 400 pages featuring interviews with nearly everyone associated with the film, countless facts and untold stories, numerous photographs, original movie art, memorabilia information, and much more. Trust me, this will be the absolute final word written about this subject. If you're even a casual fan of the 'Yellow Submarine' movie, you'll want to check out this book.”

From Journalist for the Baltimore City Paper, Tom Chalkley: “I'm enjoying the book - I find that I can pick it up and read any part - it's not exactly a straight narrative. Terrific oral history, and the "disputes" carry on without Bob having to referee! What a hoot!”

From Yellow Submarine Animation Director, Bob Balser and wife Cima Balser: “If I could send this e-mail 12 feet tall, we would! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! The books arrived yesterday and we haven't been able to put them down. Don't know what we would have done if we each hadn't had our own copy. It's even better than we expected! What an accomplishment - we're full of admiration, gratitude, and love - you all have done a truly remarkable service and everyone remotely connected with The Yellow Submarine should send endless thanks.”

From Music Reviewer for the New York Times, Allan Kozinn: “It has arrived. Looks great on a preliminary flip through. Can't wait to dig into it.”

From Journalist and Beatles Author Keith Badman: “Thank you very, very much for your marvelous Yellow Submarine book. I've had a flick through and it's marvelous! Well done! A work of love.”

From Yellow Submarine Key Animator, Mike Stuart: “I sat down and read the book nearly all the way through in one go - but then I am biased. I expect you've already been told the man in the picture on page 113 is TED Percival not Lance! Never mind - magnificent effort and thanks again. P.S. You don't want to do a book on Pink Floyd's “The Wall”, do you??”

From Editor of Goldmine Magazine, Greg Loescher: “Been getting some raves on it so far. I was very impressed with it, at least from a visual perspective. Certainly looks crammed with good stuff!!! We plan to run Chapters 2 and 19 in our April 19 issue, which comes out at the end of March.”

From Editor of our book at Krause Publications, Brian Earnest (okay, okay, it’s a biased opinion): “Our Goldmine folks are doing cartwheels over your book. They absolutely love it. They just cornered me and went on for 10 minutes about how great it is. That is a very good sign -- the natives can be pretty tough around here. Consider it your first big book review.”

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