Bravo Beatles! Bravo Apple! Bravo Subafilms! Bravo MGM! Bravoooo!!!
Commentary on the Renovation of Yellow Submarine by Dr. Bob Hieronimus
The renovation of the film The Beatles Yellow Submarine is a great success. Apple's Subafilms company and The Beatles obviously have given this project the attention it deserved. By remastering this classic they have helped to preserve the "one people, one planet" legacy of the greatest rock and roll group ever (with the exception, perhaps, of The Traveling Wilburys). Most of
the co-creators I've interviewed on my 20-plus year journey of learning how it was created should be very pleased with the renovation; some will undoubtedly be ecstatic.

It is thrilling to see the brilliant colors chosen by Heinz Edelmann, and to understand why he insisted on using the Dr. Martin's Dyes. There is no comparison to the 1987 video release of Yellow Submarine which literally "paled" by comparison.

The controversial re-insertion of the "Hey Bulldog" sequence is handled successfully, and the disjointed appearance of the British version of the film that included two endings has disappeared. In my opinion, although it may be anti-climactic for The Beatles to be threatened by a bulldog after having vanquished most of the Blue Meanies, the sequence is so much fun, and the tune is so lively, that in no way does it hold up the action at the end.

This was the common explanation of the creators for why it was edited from the American version of the film after its British premiere in July of 1968. Dr. Erich Segal remembers Paul McCartney suggesting they edit out "Hey Bulldog" because there was too much fighting at the end. Others, like designer Heinz Edelmann, were emphatic about cutting it because the animation style differs so radically from the rest of the film. On the other hand, the variety of animation styles throughout the film is one of its most innovative strengths, and many people believe, as I do, that every moment of Beatles music or animation is precious and should be somehow used.

Congratulations are due to the renovation team, and once again to Apple's Subafilms for reinserting the lost scene in a seamless way so that we can all enjoy Yellow Submarine to its fullest. For more information on the decision to edit "Hey Bulldog" see Issue #18-19 of The Hieronimus & Co. Journal (send an E-mail to for ordering info).

Congratulations are also in order for Steve Glasenk and team at Signatures Network for their part in ensuring that all the Yellow Submarine memorabilia released in 1999 is up to standard and of the loveliest quality.

Everything we've seen thus far indicates a high level of quality control.

Thanks also to Geoff Baker for his patience and willingness to help with our own Yellow Submarine promotional plans.

According to Beatle fan/EXTRA #116, June 16, 1999: The film was restored by Alan Kozlowski at Pacific Ocean Post studios in Santa Monica, CA. Each track was fully remixed and digitally remastered in 5.1 surround sound at EMI's Abbey Road Studios under the direction of coordinator Allan Rouse, with Geoff Emerick (recording engineer), Peter Mew (digital remastering),
Gareth Boucher (technical supervisor) and Peter Cobbin (music mix engineer), assisted by Guy Massey.

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