America, The Cradle of the 6th Root Race - Its Spiritual Heritage
Dr. Bob Hieronimus from "Ancient Rebirth Cycles"
Newsletter of the AUM Esoteric Study Center, Fall 1974

Few realize that America has a spiritual heritage that is but a part of a total Divine Plan. To discover America's part in the Plan is a search which can begin with its symbols. Are a nation's symbols a matter of chance (sometimes defined as "unrecognized law"), or is there a pattern, a cause and effect relationship?

Our nation's symbols not only relate a story of "Magnum Opus," but reflection on the derivation of America's name leads to a literal "Garden of Eden." Briefly, there is evidence for the idea that America was not named after Amerigo Vespecci (or, Alberigo Vespucci), but carried that name long before Vespucci was born. The word "America" can be translated in a number of ways - all of which point to an occult or esoteric origin. One such translation divides the word into the syllables A/meri/ca, which in ancient Egyptian reads "Great Beloved Land." Another translation reads: Am/eri/ca, which is then Am, "AUM," eri, "great Ireland," ca, "ka" or "soul." Also, it is claimed that America came from the word "Amarcusa," translated "The Great Healer," and was one and the same with the Mayan god Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent (cf. caduceus).

The origin of America's name is a riddle of importance. Its solution lies within each person's consciousness. To search for it is to seek the "Philosopher's Stone," the "elixir of life."

The "discoverer" of America is claimed to be Columbus. Columbus is probably one of the most mysterious characters in the world's history. We know little more about his personal life than we do abut Shakespeare, which may be of some importance. Historians give 26 different locations for Columbus' birth, from Ireland to Greece. His original records have been mysteriously lost, and his busts and portraits show every possible variation as to his appearance. Is this by chance?

Many people are surprised to learn that Columbus had a map of the "New World," which he may have obtained from the Celtic brotherhood in Ireland, and a number of Irishmen are listed as crewmen of some importance. It is also known that Columbus was a Mason, and a member of a number of secret societies affiliated with the Rosicrucian brotherhood. This is of great importance, for at one time the secret societies were (and some still are) the repository of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. In other words, Columbus got permission from the Druids to come to America. Why? What did the Druids have to do with the safekeeping of America in the first place? Here is another long-ignored clue to America's identity and purpose.

America's name and "discoverer" suggest that its inception was a product of a much greater scheme than history books relate. Where there is confusion and misunderstanding, effort should be made to burn away the DROSS.

The founders of our nation were a unique group of beings. One thing they generally had in common was their involvement with at least two secret societies - the Masons and The Rosicrucians. It was into the hands of these and other orders that the destiny of America was placed. It is presently believed that of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, 50 were Masons and/or Rosicrucians (please do not confuse the present-day Masons and Rosicrucians with those of the 18th century; both of these groups have suffered much at the hands of bigotry and pride). Understanding the aforementioned, it should be of little surprise to learn that many of the sumbols found in the heraldry of America (i.e. the Great Seal of the United States) were emblems of both Masonic and Rosicrucian origin, but let us not forget that these orders in turn borrowed them from the Ageless Wisdom Teachings.

Heraldry too has degenerated into a system of the privileged few, but it too at one time was "invented" for didactic reasons by a group of initiates for preserving the purpose and destiny of a family or of an individual.

The heraldry of the United States of America is symbolic of the fortunes and destiny of "The Divine Healer." What are these fortunes and destiny? Look at the two sides of the Great Seal and read for yourself. Here are some suggestions: obverse, the eagle - phoenix, Jupiter, Zeus, spiritual vision. The shield of red, white and blue - a defensive "weapon" of the Cosmic Trinity found in all religions. The scroll - the 7th seal in the book of Revelations, the Akashic records. The olive branch - inner and outer peace, harmony. The arrows - rays of the sun, activity, war or the elimination of the many for the one. The crown of glory above the eagle's head - the seal of Solomon, the microcosm (13 five-pointed stars) equals the macrocosm (forming the six-pointed star). The motto "E Pluribus Unum" - "out of many, one," "all things are one."

Reverse: eye in the radiant triangle - the all-seeing eye of God or spiritual vision. The pyramid - pyros-"fire," midos-"measure," so "measured fire" or "divine revelation," the temple of initiation. The motto "Annuit Coeptis"-he prospers our understanding, God favors this process. "Novus Ordo Seclorum"-New Order of the Ages, the new order of the Aquarian Age, the Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God.

America is not just a nation, it is a state of consciousness. It is not the highest state of consciousness, it is a step towards a higher awareness of a Plan. America has been given the number 13 as its destiny number. 13 symbolizes regeneration and is related to the eagle-scorpion relationship which symbolized the transmutation of the base desire nature into the Spiritual or divine nature. To those of you familiar with "Theosophical jargon," the 13th step in evolution is related to the 5th root race (Aryan), 5th sub-race (Anglo-Saxon), and its regeneration and birth of the 6th sub-race - the progenitor of the 6th root race - a race "to be housed on a new continent yet to reappear." From that race of beings will evolve the "God-men" of the future. Using the zodiac as a guide, then one could relate America to the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp. And, if America exemplifies Scorpio-Sagittarius, then eventually other nations will continue to evolve towards the Sagittarius-Capricorn, Capricorn-Aquarius, Aquarius-Pisces cusps. Thus America is part of a Plan as exemplified in the zodiac. America is not the Plan, but its part in the Plan must manifest before the next step can take place. The study of the heraldry of all nations will bear similar fruit, and I urge more people to do so. It is most interesting to note the flag of the USSR and its relationship to the sign Capricorn via the sickle (of Cronus or Saturn which rules Capricorn). Could this suggest that the next step in the Divine Plan depends upon the USSR? Cayce seems to think so. It would not surpise me if he were correct. May the Lord Savitri bless your meditations, and may America return to the basic philosophy of its founding fathers - the Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God. "We reject tyranny. We desire to live in Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity." So mote it be!