How To Prepare For The Unexpected
A Few Tips From Ted
Survival Expert, Ted Wright, has provided Hieronimus & Co., Inc. with a series of tips under one minute that play regularly on 21st Century Radio®. His survival advice teaches us how to practically and economically prepare our homes, cars and workplaces so we are ready to survive most unexpected natural or man-made disasters. What would you do if a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or nuclear spill happened in your town? How would you fare if you were on the highway when it struck, and you had to walk home? Don’t risk needless heartache and suffering when they can be avoided by taking simple measures ahead of time. For detailed information, order Ted Wright’s book, The Complete Disaster Survival Manual, or ask about audio and video presentations at 1-800-948-8301. Visit him on the Web at We plan to print several of his tips with every Hieronimus & Co. Newsletter in the future.

Tip From Ted: You’ve heard me talk about the value of the automobile as the survival pod-- to me it’s the logical approach to being out and about. But for all you who ignore this aspect of survival and have nothing with you, here’s my
“Six-Item-Get-You-Home” kit:

1 one-pound can of raisins, unopened
1 one-pound can of mixed nuts, unopened
1 medium sized can oatmeal, sealed
1 can chopped powdered dates in good packaging
1 one-pound can of hard candy
1 large freezer storage bag with a plastic spoon in it

Store all the items in the back of the trunk and forget ‘em. When it’s time to walk home, take out your goodies and put all the ingredients except the hard candy into the freezer bag and mix well. Use the spoon to eat with and you will not starve on this trip. What about the hard candy? You don’t have any water, so sucking on hard candy will help you create saliva and allow you to swallow.

Tip From Ted: If there is a sudden something or other and you have to leap out of bed, what do you have to work with? A Bed Bag By The Bed is the answer. Fill it with stout-soled shoes or slippers, a flashlight, trauma kit, dust mask and radio.... Hit the backyard ready!

Tip From Ted: A famous lady of history said “Let them eat cake!” I say, Let them eat beans... Beans, Beans, and More Beans. Pinto Beans, Kidney Beans, Lima Beans, Garbanzo Beans and how about those precious soy beans? Just for good measure throw in some lentils and split peas. Add a bag of rice and what do you have? Why the cheapest and healthiest foundation to build your emergency food larder! All you need is a little condiment and a few herbs and you’re eating healthy enough to survive for the long haul.

Tip From Ted: In my 18 years of service I know of no one who likes that word: SURVIVAL. And yet, after a sudden unexpected event like a traffic accident, a nasty fall, a hurricane or tornado, or being caught in the country in a bad snowstorm when the engine dies, after such events, I haven't heard any other words used but “Thank goodness I survived!” Prepare now for any of these unexpected events, and then you can say “Thank goodness I survived SUCCESSFULLY!”