Eyewitness Description of the UFO Case More Substantial than Roswell
"Mr. Lightening Rod" at Bentwaters RAF, England
As a 19-year old American soldier stationed in England in December 1980, Larry Warren witnessed one of the most important UFO sightings of all time. The Bentwaters Incident, as it has come to be known, is an important UFO case because the multitudes of people witnessing it together with Larry Warren were Armed Forces personnel including colonels, lieutenants, sergeants, and military police. After the incident Warren also came to experience first hand what government secrecy does to a republic and especially to its citizens.

In the years following the incident, Larry came face to face with what Bill Moyers describes as a secret government "growing like a cancer on the constitution". Judging by what Larry Warren experienced, this secret government will stop at no extremes to keep American citizens quiet about UFO events, especially when they happen on military bases. Left At East Gate: A First Hand Account of the Bentwaters Woodbridge UFO Incident, Its Cover-Up and Investigation co-authored by Larry Warren and investigator Peter Robbins was published in 1997 by Marlowe & Company (call Binary Media at 1-800-626-4277 to order), and on February 9, 1997 Larry and Peter joined 21st Century Radio to synopsize their findings.

In 1983 Larry Warren became the first honorably discharged military witness to go public about the cover-up of the UFO that landed or crashed on the Bentwaters-Woodbridge base. Since then he has lectured on the Bentwaters incident extensively in the United States and Japan. Peter Robbins is the Executive Assistant for Budd Hopkins' Intruders Foundation and has researched the subject of UFOs for more than 20 years, also lecturing extensively.

History of the Bentwaters Base

To develop perspective, it is helpful to know that Bentwaters is a very important strategic base for NATO. Actually a twin base complex with Woodbridge located about 70 miles north east of London, Bentwaters was first opened in April of 1944 and after WWII it evolved into a large NATO facility. Although not acknowledged by the officials (but commonly known and griped about by the people of Britain), Bentwaters-Woodbridge have housed the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the whole of NATO--a significant issue when the government tries to claim that "The Bentwaters Incident" was of no defense significance. Incidentally, Bentwaters is also the location of a UFO sighting on April 13, 1956 described by Dr. Condon in Project Bluebook as the most significant radar visual case on their records in which several UFOs were observed moving at up to 4,000-5,000 miles an hour. The base was de-commissioned a few years ago.

Left at East Gate recounts some of the early sightings and visitations that Larry experienced in the mid 1970s growing up in upstate New York. In fact Peter calls Larry "Mr. Excitement" and Larry calls himself a "lightning rod" acknowledging his similarity to people like Whitley Strieber who experience unusual phenomena throughout their lives. "I think many of us do have this in our lives," he says, "I just happened to go through a very well-documented, controversial event also, which is Bentwaters." Noted UFO author, Whitley Strieber, endorses Left at East Gate, saying "Warren's first hand account of this event explodes with authentic detail. A riveting, fascinating and important book."

December 1980 at Bentwaters - Setting the Scene

December 1980 was "a rather remarkable moment in East/West tensions," says Peter Robbins. "By Christmas 1980 the Soviet Union had massed over 100,000 troops on the Polish border and they were ready to move into Poland to crush the dissident trade union Solidarity that was so populating the democratic movement there. President Reagan and NATO, in fact, had warned that any Soviet intrusion could trigger hostilities. At the time of the incident, the third night, the big one as we say, R.A.F. Bentwaters was on a red alert which is one level below black, and that is war. At the time, literally all of their [Bentwaters'] combat aircraft were in West Germany at forward operating locations to be closer to the front if needed, and all of the perimeter posts around R.A.F. Bentwaters were manned, even the most remote that normally would not have personnel on at night."

The Bentwaters Incident actually occurred over a period of three nights, from December 26 to the 28th, the one they call "the big one" being the third night. On the two previous nights mysterious lights and sounds had been observed by civilians and military personnel alike, but nothing would prepare them for the events of the 28th. Larry had just returned from a three day leave in Germany and was preparing for guard duty that night in the usual way. "Security police, which I was in, we had six days on and three days off. I had just finished a three day break. My unit that was working at that time was D Flight, and we go through a process called Guard Mount where you are checked to see if you are fit for duty. It's a very serious job. No one is on drugs or drunk like skeptics try to allude to. Skeptics usually come out sounding rather pathetic when it comes to this because they really have nowhere to go, as you might find out." He was assigned that particular night to Bentwaters at a very far end perimeter post and remembers hearing brief transmissions about lights being seen over Rendlesham Forest, although he couldn't see anything from his post.

"Suddenly I was called on my Motorola hand held radio," recounts Larry, and he was instructed to "deactivate my post, look for a vehicle that was going to pull up, and I was picked up by other security police and a shift supervisor. We went to the main motor pool on Bentwaters where we picked up light-alls, which are lighting equipment. I still had no idea what we were doing.... We got into a bit of a convoy of police vehicles and one law enforcement car which is like a police car, standard, and we drove off to R.A.F. Woodbridge. We came to a make-shift road block in the road and there was a civilian car there. This was the back gate at Woodbridge so it wasn't very heavily traveled, but this woman was trying to get back in that way because there was housing there. She had a little girl in the car. I remember that specifically on what would have been our driver's side, the little girl was asleep. One of the cops told her there was unexploded ordnance in the area and they wouldn't hold her up long. They let us get by her. I yelled out the window to one of the cops in the road and said, where the hell are we supposed to go? They said, "Turn left at East Gate" -- it has always stuck in my mind... and thus the title of this book actually. We turned, went down a forestry commissioned logging road into this forest. I didn't even know it was called Rendlesham Forest at that time.

"We got to a parking area and turned in our weapons to an armory vehicle. We couldn't have firearms off the base due to a treaty with Britain.... We moved off into five man groups. Certain people took off one way into the woods; we went this way and that way. Chief of Security Police showed up and something very heavy was going on. I could really sense this once we got to the forest. Then it started to be very strange. I thought we were on exercises with the British military. It didn't make sense that we still weren't issued blanks for our weapons and they were losing a lot of manpower on the actual bases themselves, so there was something very important going on. We moved out into the woods and as we were walking we had to maintain radio silence except certain people in our group. There's actually an audio tape of this going on made by Colonel Halt."

The Halt Memorandum

The Halt Memorandum, says Peter Robbins, is "a one page memorandum on Air Force letterhead written about two weeks after the incident. Subject of which is unexplained lights." Larry's base commander, Ltc. Charles I. Halt carried a little tape recorder into the field that third night with the intention of debunking any paranormal possibilities of what had been reported earlier, and he recorded what he was seeing. The Halt Memorandum, continues Peter, "was released directly through the information that Larry Warren supplied to investigator Larry Fawcett who, with Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, initiated a Freedom of Information Act action that resulted in the release of the document. It discusses the fact that Air Force Security Patrolmen saw unusual lights outside the back gate at R.A.F. Woodbridge on the morning of the 27th of December, 1980, and went forward to investigate. Ultimately what they found was not a crash of an aircraft or a fire or anything like this. They reported seeing a strange glowing object in the woods that was described as metallic and triangular, several meters across and pulsating, moving through the forest. It had a bank of blue lights as well as white lights. It pulsated as it moved. It either hovered or was on legs. It left impressions in the ground and it created animal reactions so intense that they're noted in the report.... The object was then briefly sighted again an hour later. The depressions had background beta and radiation counts that were a considerable number of times above any normal background count. Also, they moved through the woods and around trees, literally negotiating. There was also the break-up of one well above the tree line, or so it looked, about 10 degrees up on the horizon. The objects took off in different directions and [turned] into different colors. It is just touching the top of the surface of the core event here but it certainly substantiates some of the very strange doings and once again makes you wonder why any skeptic, no matter how cautious, would even suggest that the explanation had to do with a lighthouse in the distance or some other nonsense."

Larry remembers hearing a lot of the transmissions going on in his group and the other groups as they proceeded through the woods, still unaware what they were doing there. "There was a point off to my right, probably 100 yards or so, through the pine trees, I could see this area blocked off with orange tape. There was a lot of portable lights looking into the trees there. We heard on the radio "you guys avoid those hot spots, we don't want you walking all over them", which you never hear on the actual Halt tape. The way I look at it now, it was another landing sight. There is no question. At that time I still didn't know what it was. We moved on through the forest and it was very eerie because all you could see was the flashlight beams and a lot of those malfunctioned also. I got to see where the pine trees ended there was a slight rise in the hill... and beyond that was some kind of thing on the ground in this farmer's field. And there was an airman that was very upset leaning against a tree. My boss came out and was trying to calm him down. I have to qualify this: everything was different in the woods, everything was kind of surrealistic. And movement was affected, much slower than you would expect your movement to be. Perception was altered. It was very strange, a hard thing to describe. We came closer to this clearing and there was this mist-like object on the ground in the farmer's field. There were cameras there, a motion picture and a video camera, and they were very big and I recognized them for what they were, filming this mist thing on the ground. It had structure and shape to it, it was circular. It was not floating above the ground as misquoted through the years, but it was part of the ground almost. A foot in height, a foot in depth. You wouldn't have thought "UFO", but it was a very odd experience. We stood around it. There were people taking pictures. There were disaster preparedness people with Geiger counters near it. And then this [other] object moved in from the North Sea. A lot of people say we saw a lighthouse, but the lighthouse beam was visible to everyone on that base for as long as the bases were there. We didn't mistake a lighthouse. You can't even see the actual beam of the lighthouse, you just see the flash in the sky. The debunkers that come out and say this was a lighthouse haven't been there. They don't know what they're talking about as usual, and are full of it, so people should be really skeptical of them. They are calling a lot of trained observers liars on top of it."

The Vehicle Suddenly Appears

"This red light moved in. I thought it was an aircraft except it made no sound. It came in about 20 feet above this mist on the ground which was about 20 feet above us and out. It was about 50 feet from the phenomenon at this point and it exploded. You had no time to react to it. There was a lot of radio chatter getting very excited as this thing was moving toward us over the trees and then above this mist. There was a house at the perimeter of that field and the light upstairs was on. Someone there, I know, watched it because there was a dog barking. They moved that person out. They relocated him. That's an established fact. They got rid of him. This was witnessed by civilians also. After this very controlled explosion, I use these words only because I can't describe accurately what it did. It was so bright that it caused flash burns to not only my eyes, but numerous other airmen around us and personnel, which I noticed later. [And then] there was a structured machine in its place. There was no mist any longer. There was a triangular shaped vehicle or something, which I never saw fly or anything. There it was. Let the scientists figure out the effect, how it wasn't there and then suddenly it was there, I have no idea. We watched this. The cameras still filmed. I know they did. They filmed it and they took pictures of it. Some people have said there were symbols on it.... I don't recall any symbols on it. It was very hard to look at directly. You could best see this device with your peripheral vision, then you could see its shape, but otherwise it would just distort. Even thinking back on it in trying to write this clearly, it was very frustrating because I've never been able to get it right."

Living Beings Were Also Seen

"There was a life form seen, living beings, for a lack of a better word. I saw it clearly. Everyone else with me saw it clearly. They were living, non-human beings and they didn't come out of a hatch. They were just there, also separate from this thing on the ground. I'm really reticent to say "craft" because I don't know quite what it was, but it wasn't built in Detroit, I can assure you."

After witnessing the beings interacting with the commander of his base, Colonel Gordon Williams, Larry was ordered to leave the scene with most of the rest of his fellow soldiers, and they returned to the base.

The Debriefing - "Bullets Are Cheap"

Within hours Larry and his fellow soldiers were called to the law enforcement desk on Bentwaters. None of them had slept, and many were still in shock, all were dazed. Larry had past paranormal experiences to balance with this new reality, and handled it much better than some of his friends, but he was very excited to think that if an event like this could happen in such a clear cut manner, similar events must be occurring worldwide; and he expected this type of wonderment and excitement to be shared at the debriefing. "It just seemed like, this is it, they're here. [But], it wasn't the case. I showed up and there were other guys from my rank, maybe senior airmen and down, so they had us almost compartmentalized. I was only 19 and most of the other kids were 19 also or 18. There was a guy outside that went over us with Geiger counters and we were told to wear the same uniforms that we had on earlier for whatever reason. We were checked and there was something of interest in one kid, he had a rock or something. I don't know what it was, it was taken away from him. I have no idea what it was. We went into the office. It was a small group of us.... There were brief typed statements of what we had seen that basically said we were off duty and -- which the Air Force then later tried to use for awhile when they were denying anything happened -- that said we were off duty and these were lights slipping amongst the trees, because I could see that much. Just little lights like fireflies or God knows what. There were these two gentlemen there that were clearly visible at the opening to the Chief of Security Police's office and they were dressed in suits. They had laminated ID tags on their lapels. They weren't FBI like the X-Files or all that, but what they turned out to be is Armed Forces Security Services which, through our research we found out, is a field arm of the National Security Agency, which is the real big bad guys in this whole game and they know it and I hope they're listening."

"...We went into this room. We sat down. There were some people that were from the Bible belt in the South and... some of these people were cracking. I'm sure I wasn't doing very well, but one kid sitting next to me had a Bible and he was reading it. He was very Christian, reading it and kept reading it, it was like this groan in my ear, terrified and I could see this guy just melting down. The de-briefing was carried out not by Air Force but ONI, Office of Naval Intelligence, that came up from London. In fact ONI is the coordinator of all of the intelligence community in all of Great Britain for U. S. forces. The Armed Forces Security guys just kind of looked at us, just kind of oversaw everything. That might surprise people, the Air Force... were on the side lines... Navy de-briefed us. I don't know what that means, but they did.... They were very concerned about rumors starting, if we were approached by newspapers. They were very concerned about any Soviet activities near the base. I don't think I even explore that in the book. The Soviets may have people trying to glean information from us in local bars and all this stuff, off base. Remember this was at the height of the cold war.

"...They made it very clear that this stuff had been here longer than most of us in the room have been alive. There was no way we could comprehend the full spectrum of what had gone on. The most insulting thing about it was that they said, go on with your lives and have as normal a life as you can. And I'm thinking immediately, I'm going to call my mother, there's no question, I'm calling her immediately.

"...A number of guys really wanted to get the heck out of Dodge after this happened and we felt very much incarcerated, we were watched and all kinds of things. Yes, there was drug use in the military and anyone who says there isn't is blowing smoke, but the guys I went through this with were very stand up guys, they were very decent guys and they were from every walk of life back here in the States and our lives changed over night. The worst of it isn't that there's a phenomena here that can circumvent anything that we have and come at will, the worst part for me is that the government that I thought I believed in wasn't what I thought it was. It was much darker and dangerous and out of control.

"...It was a big head game. There was this projector two rows behind me and it was just like high school, we're going to watch a health movie or an Africa movie or something.... We were shown a film of a lot of silent clips of UFOs throughout history. Actually, if that film was ever released it's over. I think it's almost over anyway."

What happened to Larry Warren in the days and years following the event resemble a good spy novel. He and Peter debated about including these accounts in their book, Left at East Gate, because so few people believed him when he first went public with the events, but now that they are on the record, he no longer hesitates. Unfortunately these events clearly demonstrate a secret arm of our government that is out of control and acting with total disregard for the constitutional rights of American citizens. Larry Warren and Peter Robbins are two of the bravest individuals and whistleblowers of a major UFO event that several world government organizations want kept secret.

"Late that night I had called my mom, and I got caught doing it. In the book I go into detail into how and why that happened. I was already identified as a problem... [The next day] I got a phone call. I was watching TV in our day room. One of the other guys I knew called me and said, "Warren you have a phone call". I come over and this person told me to meet a car outside my dorm room and I'll recognize it. They were building new housing and it was pretty dark in this parking lot. I was in civilian clothes and I walked out the door. I headed toward this vehicle. What drew me to it was it had orange and blue New York state plates. I'm from New York so it just always stuck in my mind.... I just remember focusing on the license plate of this car. I just thought it was so unusual because it was in England." As Larry approached the car, he one of his friends who had been with him during the incident, Sergeant Adrian Bustinza, coming from his building across the way. The car was off by itself near a fence, and as they approached it Larry was thinking he was headed for more debriefing and that he was in trouble for calling home. Before he reached the car, he remembers suddenly losing consciousness and being able only to hear, but not to move or see. In the years since the event, he has been hypnotically regressed to better clarify what happened after that point, and has concluded that someone had come up from behind them and sprayed them with some kind of exotic toxins out of an aerosol that had a water base that partially paralyzed and blinded them. "They kicked the hell out of us to get us in the car," remembers Larry, adding however, that they "hit us in places where marks wouldn't show." He has no reservations saying they were kidnapped. He remembers being carried above the ground and then falling out of the car and hitting ice on the ground. "I was brought in and my nose was running profusely, but someone had my arms and I couldn't take care of that, and it was really a horrible position to be in. I remember the feeling of descent and the pressure change inside my ears. I know Sergeant Bustinza was with me. I still didn't have the ability to see anything. It's a very bizarre aspect to this. There is a massive facility under Bentwaters that connected with Woodbridge" where Larry says he and other servicemen were taken, pointing out that he went public with this part of his tale long before any rumors of underground bases and Area 51 became popular in the late 1980s.

American Government Agents Beat and Harass American Servicemen?

Larry says there is no doubt in his mind that the group responsible for his kidnapping and beating was the NSA, the National Security Agency, and agrees with the public statements of their former Deputy Base Commander Charles Halt who has said that the Air Force was on the sidelines and couldn't really help these men. "I think the purpose," said Larry of the beatings, was "there was a lot of secret R & D that went on in that base, and I think after the incident happened, the intelligence community," wanted to intimidate anyone from drawing attention to it by speaking about an unexplained paranormal event they had all witnessed together. To the best of Larry's recollection of that evening, they were trying to change his mind about something, in a process similar to that used by the CIA with their mind control experiments of the 1970s called MK Ultra. "We all felt in danger of our lives after this," says Larry. "Even Colonel Halt has expressed fear."

19 Out of 20 Educated Americans Have Never Heard of the NSA

"The NSA themselves are the most secret organization within our intelligence community," says Peter Robbins, co-author with Larry Warren, "and indeed the most secret organization ever chartered by the United States government. Obviously if there's one more secret, we don't know about it. NSA came into existence, in fact, on election night 4th of November 1952 at one minute after midnight, because it was thought that if there was any leak at all at that time, it would be covered up immediately the next morning by the news blasts of the election of President Eisenhower. It was at the time budgeted and staffed with more individuals and more cash than the Central Intelligence Agency and has remained so blessed in terms of budget and staff. On the surface they're said to deal with communications intelligence and signals intelligence monitoring foreign transmissions and the like... [They are answerable to] the Secretary of Defense, they are officially within the Defense Department and their charter is so secret that their reason for being in existence is classified. In 1959, among other things, congress passed a law, in fact public law 83-36, and one of the statutes grants the NSA authority to deny its own existence, and indeed for many, many years, in fact, really right to the present, 19 out of 20 educated Americans either have never heard of the NSA or only have heard of it in the most passing references, not imagining that it's the giant that it is."

The Cloudbusters/Bentwaters Connection

"We did not need a subplot in this book," says Peter Robbins, but when Larry recognized a photo of a cloudbuster and told Peter he had seen a large version of one at Bentwaters, they felt it deserved investigation. They decided not to put it into print unless they found at least one other witness which they located in 1990. A cloudbuster, Peter tell us, "is a weather modification device that has proved extraordinarily powerful in bringing rain to drought areas if properly used. It was invented and developed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, certainly one of the most controversial and brilliant scientists of the millennium. To give you just a very brief connection here, when Reich developed this technology in the early and mid 1950s, because he was very patriotically inclined, he kept the Air Force appraised at every level of development of the technology. He kept them informed as he was breaking weather records in different parts of the states and supplied them with specs on building these devices. Very simply they operate under the very ancient principle of energy movement. If you have a bee bite and you cut a potato in half and you hold the potato to the bite, it will literally draw the toxicity out of the skin, and that energetic drawing is what happens with cloud busting. Areas of the atmosphere are drawn on using very simple apparatus consisting of long metal pipes connected by industrial hollow BX cable running into deep wells of running water. The water acts like a magnet to ground what's being drawn down and creating movement in the atmosphere. And if a device like this were scaled up to a huge gun size and used in a very unproductive way or a way that would cause tremendous damage or wind, it would be the ideal weather weapon."

Larry had seen these devices while serving at Bentwaters, but at the time did not know what they were. Then in early 1988 during their first research trip back to the area, Larry and Peter "walked into an area that looked like a war had been fought against the trees. What we saw were the results of a "freak storm" that had swept in from the north five months earlier, in fact on October 16, 1987. It came without any warning through the official meteorological services or any of the media. If it was a hurricane it was the most anomalous hurricane in the world because a big part of that function is rain. For three hours it blew wind that was officially--and I think very under-clocked--at 95 to 105 miles an hour. It flattened an extraordinary swath of forestry around the bases and then cut its way straight up through the country, and even had ramifications in Germany... The biggest trees [uprooted] were very old holly trees, about 500 years old, that were about three feet across... They were mercilessly snapped."

If the military is trying to use and develop this kind of weather alteration or modification equipment at a strategically important military base, the implications for weather warfare are significant. They could change extremely adverse weather and open windows in the sky to get their aircraft up unhindered. "You could make the weather maybe work in your favor and against enemy forces. That's basically what it comes down to," says Larry, pointing out that R.A.F. Bentwaters and Woodbridge are sister bases with Nellis, which is part of Area 51, in the United States, and both are performing a lot of secret research and development.

Bentwaters Holds Some Astounding Secrets

During that same 1988 research trip, Larry and Peter also had several UFO sightings. "A total shock," says Peter. "We walked out to the base. Larry gave me a tour of the residential area which filled out a lot of the information he had given me previously. On our way into the base something shot, literally, over our heads in the sky. It was a totally moonless, temperate night, very much like the night of the incident.... My first thought was "Oh well, a shooting star or something," and looked up [expecting] to see just that -- except that it stopped. It started to pulsate. It changed colors. It zig zagged and then took off. I pulled out a recorder and tried to record what I was seeing and I think it came out something like "Oh my God, Oh my God". Larry on the other hand became calmer and more centered than he had ever been since I had known him. He said "Well, I told you you were going to see them. You're going to see more." I said, "What do you mean I'm going to see more?" "You're going to see ships, they're flying." It was just, like how could this be? That was enough, but it wasn't enough. Later that evening about 9:30 as we were walking back to our Bed & Breakfast along a very dark English country road paralleling the Rendlesham Forest, I saw a light over the forest out of my left peripheral vision and called Larry's attention to it almost half joking that there was a UFO or something and turned on the tape recorder. For the next hour and a half we did our best to describe what was going on above, in front of, and then directly in front of us. Over the next 90 minutes we had no fewer than 25 separate phenomena that we were able to observe and clock. They ranged from everything from fire balls that moved through and around the trees in the woods to disc shaped lights hovering over the forest then dropping into the forest and lighting up the forest. Smaller lights like kind of star-like UFOs in the distance, at one point something that we first identified in our nervous denial as an automobile going up a slight incline. At that point Larry says, "Oh wait a minute that has three tail lights", and one of us geniuses said, "Well, where would the license go?" This really happened and the conversation is very richly captured in the narrative. But we were under tremendous stress. I, at one point, having worked in crisis intervention, realized that I was going into full scale technical shock which to me means heightened sensitivity, but adrenaline dump, epinepherine dump, auditory exclusion which means if somebody would fire off a 45 caliber automatic 10 feet from your head, you might not flinch, and tunnel vision. I was captured straight ahead. We saw a wall of light come up that could have been 100 yards long. It looked like a hundred Hollywood premier lights had been shined straight up into the sky in an area that was just quiet forest. Ultimately something appeared in front of us with three windows visible. Even while this was happening I'm saying to myself how in the name of all that is holy can I admit to this? I'm with the most controversial witness in the world. It's the very first night we're back on location. Who's going to buy this? I had only wanted to chronicle this thing. I had wanted to write/co-write a book with somebody whose story meant a lot to me and I thought was the real truth. I did not want to become a character in it, but that night everything changed."

Larry says he was not surprised to see these aerial phenomena since he is well aware of the history of sightings there, noting that if you travel to that region and talk to the local people about it, you'll find this stuff is seen all the time, "green fireballs whizzing through trees and all this. I only wish that Phil Klass, who I think is a fine guy, I wish him well, but these are the times when you wish people like that were handcuffed to you."

Of course the skeptics will wonder if important unexplained events like the 1980 Bentwaters incident are taking place in front of so many highly qualified government and military witnesses, how and why would they keep the information from the public? The answers are all in the Warren/Robbins book, Left at East Gate, and we highly recommend it for both skeptics and believers alike. The Bentwaters case is indeed more significant than the Roswell case, and the detailed documentation Peter Robbins and Larry Warren have supported it with would stand up as persuasive evidence in a court of law. To answer the how of the secrecy question, a quote from John Lennon: "A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words."

If you can't find Left at East Gate, in your local bookstore, ask them to order it by calling Binary Media at 1-800-626-4277.